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Exvocalista de Girls Aloud anuncia que tiene cáncer de mama extendido a otras partes del cuerpo

"Estoy luchando tan duro como puedo", aseguró Sarah Harding.
Exvocalista de Girls Aloud anuncia que tiene cáncer de mama extendido a otras partes del cuerpo

Sarah Harding, actriz y exvocalista de la banda de pop Girls Aloud, comunicó este miércoles que a principios de este año le diagnosticaron un cáncer de mama y que la enfermedad ha avanzado.

"Hace un par de semanas recibí la devastadora noticia de que el cáncer se había extendido a otras partes del cuerpo", publicó la artista británica, de 38 años, en su cuenta de Instagram, junto con un selfi tomado en el hospital. Harding precisó que actualmente se somete a sesiones semanales de quimioterapia. "Estoy luchando tan duro como puedo", escribió.

Además, la cantante expresó agradecimientos a su "increíble madre, familia y amigos cercanos", que la están ayudando a superar la enfermedad. "Quiero agradecer a los maravillosos médicos y enfermeras que han sido y siguen siendo héroes", agregó.

Harding aseguró a sus seguidores que está haciendo "todo lo posible para mantenerse positiva". 

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Hi everyone, I hope you are all keeping safe and well during these uncertain times. I’ve not posted on here for so long, thank you to everyone who has reached out to check in on me, it really does mean a lot. I feel now is the right time to share what’s been going on. There’s no easy way to say this and actually it doesn’t even feel real writing this, but here goes. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and a couple of weeks ago I received the devastating news that the cancer has advanced to other parts of my body. I’m currently undergoing weekly chemotherapy sessions and I am fighting as hard as I possibly can. I understand this might be shocking to read on social media and that really isn’t my intention. But last week it was mentioned online that I had been seen in hospital, so I feel now is the time to let people know what’s going on and this is the best way I can think of to do so. My amazing mum, family and close friends are helping me through this, and I want to say a thank you to the wonderful NHS doctors and nurses who have been and continue to be heroes. I am doing my very best to keep positive and will keep you updated here with how I’m getting on. In the meantime I hope you’ll all understand and respect my request for privacy during this difficult time. Sending you all so much love….xx

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